Access the most powerful horse racing data in the world

Access McLloyd’s tracking data

Direct online access (no tools needed) or JSON Files.

McLloyd is the official tracking data provider for horse racing in France

You can now access the tracking data for every galop race in France

600+ meetings
& 8000+ races per year

90+ indicatorsfor every horse,
up to 10 times per second

20+ tracked races a day with reports
& JSON files live or after race

What data?

Position, speed, distance… every possible type of data that a high-accuracy positioning system and an inertial unit can deliver together. Believe us, it’s a lot !

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What races?

Every premium galop race in France, More than 600 meetings and 8000 races per year! From Deauville to Marseille, Follow every performance of every horse on the territory.

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Is it Live?

Yes, data is available in live, with a very low latency from reality (1.5s on from the horse to your screen). You can decide to consult our database afterwards.

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What do I get?

You have access to JSON flows containing XML files or to our consulting tools (data live board, database), it depends on your need and your offer.

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How much is it?

From 500€/month to 3000€/month, it depends on your needs.

Calculate your price here!

Want to know more?

Please contact us, we will be happy to answer!